New Student 取向 登记 will open later!

Congratulations and welcome to the Cougar Family! 登记参加新生迎新活动 你将:

  • 注册课程
  • 拿到你的犯罪现场鉴定
  • 认识其他学生
  • 了解校园办公室和资源


登记 is open for Placement Exam Day.

Have you taken your English Composition and Math Placement Exams?

All incoming first year and transfer students without AS or AA degrees are required to take Placement Exams in English and Math before they can 注册 for classes.

You also have the option to complete your Placement Exam virtually if that is better 你的日程安排.




Congratulations on your acceptance to 188bet金宝搏官网登录网址! 我们很高兴 help you succeed as a Cougar, so let's 取 first step.

的 checklist is 在这里 to help guide you through the enrollment process.



完成se steps before attending orientation to make your enrollment official.

步骤一: Claim Account >>

点击这里查看说明 要你的账. Once your account is claimed, print the page for your records. You will use the account user ID and password for several things, including email and an online learning system called Moodle.

步骤B: 确认登记

File your Free FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) after 10月1日. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so file as soon as possible (U.S. 只限市民及永久居民).


Priority consideration for merit-based scholarships is based upon completing the FAFSA by 2月1日.

请浏览我们的 FAFSA 网页或联系财政援助 基督教社会联盟-finaid@基督教社会联盟.edu for assistance and/or additional information. 犯罪现场组的联邦法典是 001694. 

Become a 上升 Scholar at 188bet金宝搏官网登录网址! 新生和转校生(含 少于23学分)只能

上升 学院 is a first-year experience program that starts in the summer or fall with an introductory five-week college course, targeted advising and, continues with holistic student support throughout the academic year. 的 上升 Scholarship which covers full-tuition and fees for your first-year at CSU after applying all financial aid awards for the 2022-2023 academic year; also includes free loan of a university atop for all four undergraduate years and textbook vouchers.

欲知更多有关 上升 学院.

All newly admitted first-year students and some transfer students are required to 取 安排考试. Placement exams should be taken upon admission to the university or as soon t在这里after (如适用).

请使用我们的 网上报名表格 to make an appointment to take your 安排考试.

了解及 注册 参加新生迎新活动 在这里.

Before starting school, you must attend an orientation, and we encourage your parents 参加.

取向 provides critical information about your educational career at CSU, including 注册ing for courses, paying your bill, submitting required forms, ordering textbooks, 和更多的. 



取向 is a day filled with many actions to complete your enrollment. 的步骤 below can be done prior to orientation or at orientation.

Students can view transfer credit details on 美洲狮连接 by navigating to the Student 通道.

Coursework will only be evaluated after your official transcripts from each institution attended and/or scores have been received by the Office of Evaluations.

If currently enrolled and your transfer credits are not visible, please contact the 评价办公室立即. Please allow our office 3 weeks to fully enter 所有转学分.

Are you interested in staying on campus in our residence hall? 在您确认您的 报名时,可以填写 住宅188bet金宝搏官网登录网址程序.

请浏览我们的 住房 & 居住生活网页 或联系housing@基督教社会联盟.Edu,如果你需要更多信息.

Immunizations are a state law requirement and failure to comply will result in academic 撤军. Prior to registration, you are required to provide proof of immunization 合规. All enrolled students who attend classes on campus must provide documentation 的免疫接种.

完成 学生免疫纪录 (pdf)表格,并送交:


健康中心 Cook 政府 Building/ Room 131

9501 S. 王开


学生应联络 健康中心, located in Room 131, Cook 政府 Building, or call (773) 995-2010 for further information on how to satisfy State of Illinois immunization requirements.

Newly admitted students are required to provide their FINAL Official High School transcript or FINAL Official College transcript with school seal and graduation to the Office 的招生.

Students can request ACT or SAT official scores to be sent to CSU – C0992年的颂歌 通过联系下面列出的机构.

If you attended a community college or earned college credits during high school, please have them send an official transcript to the 本科招生 Office 7月1日前.

CSU accepts the following types of course credit:

  1. (AP)大学先修课程
  2. (CLEP)大学水平考试计划
  3. (IB)国际文凭
  4. 国家双语印章
  5. 双学分/双入学

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate credit is generally accepted if you meet the required minimum score for each exam. 这些学分的详细信息 可能会发现 在这里.

Contact each organization to learn how to send your scores to CSU:


Academic Evaluations and Advisement ADM 128


9501 S. 王开



Pay your tuition and fees on time so you don't get dropped from classes. 你的验证 fund source must be in place by the payment due date which includes financial aid, scholarships, payment plan, or pay in full.  登录你的学生支付门户 and review your statement, enroll in a payment plan, make payment, and set up your 直接存款信息.

http://www.基督教社会联盟.edu/financialoperations/财务主管/付款.htm |  财务主管@基督教社会联盟.edu  |  773-335-2029



部门 电话
招生 (773) 995-2513 or
(800) 278-3011
能力的办公室 (773) 821-4401
财务主管 (773) 995-2470
考试 (773) 995-5420
金融援助 (773) 995-2304 or
(877) 278-8898
全球参与办公室 (773) 995-2582
荣誉学院 (773) 995-3801
住房 (773) 995-4543
停车 (773) 995-2141
记录 & 登记 (773) 995-2517 or
(855) 390-5136
学生健康保险 (773) 995-4533
退伍军人事务 (773) 995-3549
健康保健中心(免疫) (773) 995-2011